Personal Storytelling

Personal Storytelling made easy

Do you have your Brand Story ready? Your Inner Peace Story? A handy Story Bank that highlights your strengths and style?

Finding and crafting different stories to get clarity around your business and to market it to your audience is a crucial skill, that can not be recommended enough.

Storytelling can make or break your business – either you do it well and reap great results or you do it poorly or not at all and you will endlessly struggle to get ahead.

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I believe storytelling doesn’t need to be hard and complicated.

You already know what a good story is and you probably tell good stories many times every day.

Just focus and get it clearly and strategically done.

I can help you.

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Figuring out your big why

A bit trickier than getting this easy kind of storytelling kicking into full gear is figuring out the common thread of your journey which usually leads to your big why

You know what I mean. Every time you struggle to communicate what you are doing or when you doubt your path again and think it all just doesn’t make sense.

There is a good chance, that I can help you with that. Help you to dig up and connect with your deepest motivation for your work. Figuring this out releases so much stress and gives a ton of your question marks a one-way ticket to the moon. It also fuels you with light hearted energy like crazy, I’ve seen it over and over again.

Please check out what my clients have to say:

Foto-sani-rund“Before I worked with Susan, I was struggling to find direction in my career. I have plenty of skills and talents, but I never felt like I had found my TRUE passion. Until I met Susan. 

She took in my work history, my hobbies, and the things I enjoyed most in life and discovered a common thread tying all my experiences together. When she found this common thread, everything seemed to come into focus. I realized that my so-called “scattered career path” actually had a powerful current pulling me towards each job. And this current was my TRUE passion! 

I am now embracing my TRUE passion and structuring my business to emphasize and highlight those skills and abilities. And I am confident that my success will come faster and be higher because I know I am doing something I really love.

Thank you, Susan, for helping me find the common thread in the tapestry of my career. I can now move forward in my new business with focus and confidence. 

- Sani Scott Nielsen, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Utah

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You are there asking the good questions and letting all the space possible for me to answer and to find my way into my own story. Story is something very personal, so personal that we have a hard time to see when it is our own. You help to do that in a very subtle and soft way. 

Being a personal branding expert myself, I neglected the external perception of my story. Susan helped me to put the bits and pieces of my story in place. She listened precisely and really embraced where I was coming from. She took me by the hand and guided me by asking questions that helped me to look at my story from a different angle for the purpose of my business. Working with Susan gave me the starting point to incorporate more of my story in a way that perfectly matches my message and brand. 

Susan always keeps in mind the core message you want to provide with what you do while picking the perfect plug to emphazise one’s story highlights and finding the common thread behind it. She is committed, keeps things simple and uncomplicated while being very supportive and goal oriented. Her work speaks for itself! She is a wonderful person to work with. I felt comfortable and immediately trusted her while sharing the personal milestones that make up my story. I would recommend Susan’s profound work to anyone who either wants to craft his or her story from scratch or wants to improve their storytelling to enhance their brand.

- Isabella von Philippovich, Personal Branding Expert,


I have much more clarity on how to use stories for branding my business and about the way I deliver value to my target audience. I have used stories in my videos so far and I’ll be incorporating more of them in my About page very soon. 

Your capacity to listen, your calm, your capacity to ask questions at the right moment and the way you let me develop in my own pace and style was priceless. You hold space for me to discover what the stories that matter in my branding are and how I want to tell them. 

Storytelling is key in the branding process. That I didn’t know before our meeting. I knew it with my mind, but the fact of connecting and sharing and having our conversation gave me another vision of it. Now I understand it is crucial, it’s the glue that holds it all. So I’m working on it. You make me do that only by doing what you do.

I would recommend your services to anyone having a brand with no story in it. I understand now that the story in a business is like its heart.

- Rakel Sosa, Breathwork Healer,


 Ich fühle mich sicherer, bestimmte Themen und Geschichten als thematische Aufhänger zu nutzen und damit, wie ich meine Geschichten letztlich ausarbeite. Du bringst Struktur und Klarheit in die Geschichten und gibst Ideen, was wo gut passen würde. 

Ich mag deine Art, wie du Fragen stellst und berätst. Du lässt mich so, wie ich bin – und doch lenkst du die Sprache schön in eine Richtung, auf die ich selbst nicht unbedingt gekommen wäre. 

Ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass du auch eine großartige Starthilfe bist, wenn jemand gar nicht weiß, wo er/sie beginnen soll: Geschichten finden und diese dem potenziellen Kunden entsprechend aufzubereiten. 

Leute, die mit Dir arbeiten, werden sich und ihre Geschichten wertgeschätzt wissen, sicher sein, dass sie genug zu sagen haben – und wie sie es gut formulieren können. 

 - Julia Lakämper, Holistic Health Coach,

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Susan made me feel like a very interesting person throughout the whole conversation.

It’s a great feeling getting to tell your own story and remembering defining moments about yourself, that you had long forgotten.

- Anja Schütz,





Speaking with Susan really helped me align myself with my internal values that I wasn’t seeing in my daily life.

Through our discussion she was able to pick out the things that are truly important in my life, and was able to provide feedback on how to work toward those goals.

She was able to cut through what I wanted to hear and get from the conversation, and instead give me what I needed to hear.

I highly recommend speaking to Susan if you’re confused and unsure about where to direct yourself, whether in your career or personal life.

- Sheraya Elissa Brown, Utah


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Susan xxx

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